• Pine 2x4
  • 3 inch finishing nails
  • ENAMEL spray paint(color is your choice)

  • hand saw
  • vise grips
  • hammer
  • bench grinder (bench belt sander is better)
  • drill to spin nails when sharpening points and removing sides of nail heads
  • drill bit smaller than nail diameter
  • tape measure
  • router or sand block for edges of handle

Wood is 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 and tapered to 7/8 inch. Nails are spaced 3/8 apart and set depth is @ 3/4”. Grip nails @ 1” above the
head, drive nail head into wood by pounding on side of vise grips and not the sharpened point. Work from one end to the other
being careful not to stagger heights (use side cutters to lift nails if height is wrong). Shove points into cardboard so you don't get
any over spray on the nails, spray and add sand to the wet paint, spray an overcoat of paint within 30 minutes, let dry 48 hours.
Ta-Da....no more band aids needed when filleting walleye, makes it easy to get a good grip on slimy PIKE fillets.....

Had no luck finding something commercially made after I spent a week searching the Internet. After a recent ice fishing trip to
Nelson Reservoir in Northern Montana and 40 perch fillets roughed out...I had enough of cut knuckles and stabbed fingers. I
designed and built these finger savers. Have fun with this one.....

Terry Wolf
Board Member for Fresno Chapter of Walleyes Unlimited